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Product Information:

This kid-themed yellow, red and blue Water Combo will entertain your guests for hours! Features a large jumping area, basketball hoops, pop-up obstacles, climb and waterslide. Choose from our many themes to add a personalized touch to your next event.

Children of ages 12 and under may use this inflatable.

Can hold up to 8 kids at a time.

Great for school fundraisers, sporting events, promotional events, festivals, birthday parties or any other kid filled event.

Dimensions: 27 Feet Long x 21 Feet Wide x 13.5 Feet High

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

22' Long x 19' Wide x 13.2' High

Space Needed:

24' Long x 21' Wide x 13.2' High


  • Baby SharkWater Combo:Baby Shark1
  • FortniteWater Combo:Fortnite1
  • MinecraftWater Combo:Minecraft1
  • Peppa PigWater Combo:Peppa Pig1
  • PJ MaskWater Combo:PJ Mask1
  • Safari/JungleWater Combo:Safari/Jungle1
  • Tonka ConstructionWater Combo:Tonka Construction1
  • Plain - No ThemeWater Combo:Plain - No Theme1
  • Animal FarmWater Combo:Animal Farm1
  • Carnival Fun Fair PanelWater Combo:Carnival Fun Fair Panel1
  • Circus PanelWater Combo:Circus Panel1
  • Emoji BannerWater Combo:Emoji Banner1
  • FrozenWater Combo:Frozen1
  • Frozen (Anna & Elsa)Water Combo:Frozen (Anna & Elsa)1
  • Halloween - Frankenstein PanelWater Combo:Halloween - Frankenstein Panel1
  • Holiday - Santa PanelWater Combo:Holiday - Santa Panel1
  • Holiday - Santa/Reindeer PanelWater Combo:Holiday - Santa/Reindeer Panel1
  • Holiday - Snow Man PanelWater Combo:Holiday - Snow Man Panel1
  • Kitty and Puppy FunWater Combo:Kitty and Puppy Fun1
  • LegoWater Combo:Lego1
  • Paw PatrolWater Combo:Paw Patrol1
  • SportsWater Combo:Sports1
  • Star Wars PanelWater Combo:Star Wars Panel1
  • Thomas the Tank EngineWater Combo:Thomas the Tank Engine1
  • TMNTWater Combo:TMNT1
  • Unicorn PanelWater Combo:Unicorn Panel1
  • Winter FunWater Combo:Winter Fun1
  • Celebrate PanelWater Combo:Celebrate Panel1
  • Angry Birds PanelWater Combo:Angry Birds Panel1
  • Avengers PanelWater Combo:Avengers Panel1
  • Despicable Me 2Water Combo:Despicable Me 21
  • Monsters High PanelWater Combo:Monsters High Panel1
  • Monsters University PanelWater Combo:Monsters University Panel1
  • Phineas & Ferb PanelWater Combo:Phineas & Ferb Panel1
  • Planes PanelWater Combo:Planes Panel1
  • Spiderman PanelWater Combo:Spiderman Panel1
  • SportsWater Combo:Sports1
  • Toy Story PanelWater Combo:Toy Story Panel1
  • Dino PlanetWater Combo:Dino Planet1
  • World of Disney PanelWater Combo:World of Disney Panel1
  • Disney Princess PanelWater Combo:Disney Princess Panel1
  • Diva Girls PanelWater Combo:Diva Girls Panel1
  • Firemen PanelWater Combo:Firemen Panel1
  • Incredibles PanelWater Combo:Incredibles Panel1
  • Monster Truck PanelWater Combo:Monster Truck Panel1
  • Pirates PanelWater Combo:Pirates Panel1
  • Power Rangers PanelWater Combo:Power Rangers Panel1
  • Sea World PanelWater Combo:Sea World Panel1
  • Halloween PanelWater Combo:Halloween Panel1
  • Easter PanelWater Combo:Easter Panel1
  • Holiday PanelWater Combo:Holiday Panel1

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