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Challenge your guests with this inflatable Marble Mountain Obstacle Course, a great way to add excitement with a competitive edge at your next event. This beautiful grey and blue piece can hold six racers at a time.

The Marble Mountain will have participants blasting through 60 feet of obstacles, hurdles and slides. Up and down, in and out, over and under, the race will be on! Complete the race with a double lane 15 foot slide, the first one to the bottom wins!

Adults and children of all ages may use this inflatable.

Great for school fundraisers, sporting events, promotional events, festivals, birthday parties or any other kid or adult filled event.

Dimensions: 58 Feet Long x 13 Feet Wide x 16 Feet High

Price: $799.00
Circuits needed: 2
Item Dimensions: 58' Long x 13' Wide x 16' High
Space Needed: 60' Long x 15' Wide x 16' High

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Marble Mountain Obstacle Course